I'm Jim Clark.

A Full Stack Software developer with many years of experience in most aspects of development from embedded systems to desktop and web based product as well as other IT tasks such support, training, installation and hardware.

About Me

Born in 1962 so I was in my 20s before Personal Computers came into common existence and (like many people) found them very fascinating devices. Thought it would be fantastic to get paid employment working with computers so undertook some TAFE Courses and then went on to complete a Bachelor Of Tehcnology at Monash University. Have been gainfully employed ever since (25+ years) and still enjoy it very much and always looking to learn make better product.


Have been learning Classical Guitar for many years and stil enjoy making steady progress. To be honest it is one of those things I will probably never be any good at it but I still enjoy the activity itself. My family possibly enjoy this guitar practice less than myself

Recently purchased a Triumph Street Triple Motor Cycle so according to the statistics for people in my age bracket who return to motor cylcle riding my family may soon be free from my musical aspirations


Bachelor of Technology (Computing), Graduated Monash University, 1993
Associate Diploma of Technology (Computing), Frankston TAFE, 1988.


Most of my experience over past several years has been C#, Angular, Vue.js and database admin.

At various times I have also worked with PHP, React, Delphi, Python, Java, Ansi C.

Have been using GIT for several years and also well accustomed to Agile development processes.

Working with clients and a variety of stake holders has also been a common part of my roles.



Mobile: 044 954 1612